What do you think we do all that time in the evening? Play Bingo? Drink tea? No, we have a fun in another way! Take off your jeans, say" no" to the trunks — human being is born naked so he must be naked forever! What's this, honey? Bra? Don't you remember that I've forbidden you to wear any bra and panties. The only allowed kind of clothes is a condom! Your punishment will be 100 blows in your face with my rod! And then I'll begin my every day exercise — to and fro deeper and deeper!

 I'll come into your pussy and then into your ass and even do it simultaneously! Can't believe me? I've done it several times! I have got a proof — photos! I've been historifying my sexual adventures, everything is shot, there are thousand of photos, tens of thousands of photos! My friends and their girl friends, our crazy sex in all details and with great love. It 's impossible to sit loose, watching them, any viewer will go crazy, any cock will rise its crest, any slit will get wet! Large, nice photos, hundreds of albums, thousands of smilers! Perhaps, you'll find here someone known to you! And certainly you'll find the new sex positions! Sex on the ladder, sex on the door, sex on the roof of the skyscraper, sex in space, sex in the barrel, falling from the Niagara fall. This show is not for nervous. It 's for tough guys! Don't funk! Take a deep breath and click GUEST PASS!

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